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All Men are not Equal

All Men are not Equal 

Man is a slave of his own time. Their language is function of whims and fancies created around them. 

Judgment comes out upon evaluation of parameters based on certain set values. So is defined the various hierarchy we have set in our society in the modern era. Why so in modern era?, because the context of ancient era is very speculative and we are not very sure of findings we have derived. Who is Aryan (The noble people or the Hitler’s conception of Aryan people), Dravidian, Zoroastrian, Abrahamic, Caucasians etc. has been the subject matter of speculative discourse. We keep on approving and disapproving these facts based on the various speculations and judgment.
The mentioned races above shows various characteristics unique to them and traced a long span of evolutions process to reach what they are today. Though various tribal populations are still living in their primitive phase and living in consonance with the Mother Nature, yet they have been alien to the modern human race. The best example to this in context is Lapita people. They are pre-historic Pacific Ocean people from the era of 1600 BCE to 500 BCE who still live in Polynesia, Micronesia and some coastal area of Melanesia.    
 With this ancient back drop let us evaluate the Modern, enlightened and educated human who has claimed to be equal by birth and claim certain rights just because he took birth as human. Let’s evaluate this claim of human being in the light of their “Legitimacy”? The derived meaning though is that, Is this claim be legalized just because one has taken birth as human? Need to delve deep into its analysis.
Set of people interpret the same picture differently implies that the picture is same, it has not changed. What has been variable is the one who is interpreting the image. It is their intellect level which helps them derive the meaning in the context they understand it. The human self-conscious helps him develop the level of intellect. The awakening of self-consciousness differs from one human to other. Hence, how they demonstrate to the real world against the different action will definitely be unequal. The scale will be wide ranging. So, how all men can be equal?

All men are born equal. I am like, Really?

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