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Corruption has wings...!

Corruption has wings...!

At the outset, post decolonization, in the evolving global sphere, one fact is very much astonishing to know and that is-whatsoever has been the ideology (Political or economic) behind nation building, the economic system of those nations have been operated in such a way that it has benefited a few and ignored the masses. This has eventually led to the glitch which has been so deeply formed that now people have started doubting all the driving forces of evolution they have witnessed so far, be it Capitalism, Socialism or communism. At the very fundamental level, the objective of all these ideologies were to create a "Welfare State" by transforming the resources of the nation states into economic goods and distributing it to the masses. The difference is created just to the way it is done. Need to delve deep to understand it.

As it has rightly been said that "We get the government that we deserve." 

Imagine the situation of India, where traditionally the literacy rate has been too low, how can you imagine your elected leaders to be literate? These are harsh facts but the truth. Now it is improving, but has manage to reach only to the level of 75%. We still have long way to go. 

Second harsh fact is-our reluctance to vote, particularly elite and Bourgeoisie class. If election falls on Friday or Monday they prefer to go on long week end rather than to go on the polling booth. This has been the hidden reality of our nation building, to which we are paying cost even after 70 years of independence. 

Our nation's political will has been centered around "gathering votes" fancy term given is-"Vote Bank Politics". As has been said "Good Economics is bad politics and bad politics is good economics". Subsidy is the excellent example at this point in time. Even if a government tries to touch such topic as a public discourse, they end up losing the election. Though some structural reforms may lead to a long term nation benefits, yet due to failure of mass awareness it leads to gross failure and issue riddle somewhere in the morass. 

The Indian Constitution's DPSP promises to create welfare state, is still a far reaching dream, as we have forgotten to work in consonance in the blind race of these ideology based developmental policy. We need to remember one thing, that these are all very good for general discourse and to win the political footing. But in reality, our ability of questioning the governing system which puts them in pressure and remind them of he being just the trustee of our exchequer not the master of it. Traditionally, this attitude of being the master has created the mess we are in today. India's democracy has been evolving and still progressing. Perhaps it has come to its level of maturity, but it still lacks people's intimate participation for its success. In the era of Internet and social media it has become more transparent, but lack of participation of masses has not given the outcome that it was expected.

To a humorous note if you remember the movies pre-90s era the usual villain image used to be of Smuggler with cigar in hand (and Mona Darling kind of dialogue), it slowly got transmitted into the character of demanding extortion and kidnapping. Smuggling had an importance in the era of "License Raj" where duty on the imported goods used to be like anything (200%, 300%). Post LPG (Liberalization, Privatization, Globalization) it remained no more profitable business and people started earning huge sum in the globalized (surplus capital era) India. Thus smugglers converts into extortionists. A silly example but shows how our society transforms.

If we talk in the frame of various ideology that shaped our world as of today, the Capitalism emphasized on the theory of "Invisible Hand" given by Mr Adam Smith. He Claimed that the system is integrated and give taste of development to everyone living in the system, directly or indirectly. But if we look at today statistics, it says that we are living in the peak of inequality in the entire history of humanity. In my opinion all the ideology has managed to bring out a healthy number of people out of the mess of gross poverty. China being the state capitalist (though do not accept it) holds the highest record during the era of Mr Deng Xiaoping (Approx. 300 Million People). Perhaps the inequality comes due to lack of opportunity, and this could be the failure of State as well as the Subject. State failure lies where it fail to create the framework to provide equal and easily accessible opportunity for their subject. And Subject's failure lies where inspite of designed framework he refrain himself from taking benefit out of it. The success of democracy lies when both are at adequate place. 

In light of all this lets put emphasis on the topic under discussion. The mix of failure which has resulted in today's India can be summarized in three heading:-

1. Government Licensing System pre-LPG
2. High Tax Rate
3. Slow Judiciary (Persistent even today, slow but adorn the cover of activism)

According to international Economist Mr Jagdish Bhagwati, the roots of India's corruption lie in system of government licensing. According to Nani Palkhiwala the incidences of ta in India is as high as 97%. This is also considered the major cause of corruption. It has often been seen that the judiciary of India moves slowly, thus usually has the effect of motivating people who indulge in corruption. According to a 2012 survey atleat 42% of Young Indians have paid a bribe. 

How false our patriotism is can be proven with the fact that the first major law to fight corruption was framed in 1947 itself, just in the year of Independence, "Prevention of Corruption Act 1947"                        

Mahbub ul haq, the Pakistani economists UN Human Development report highlights following remarkable things about the situation in South Asia region:-

1. Corruption in Asia occurs upstream not downstream.
2. Corruption has wings, as most of the corrupt gains are smuggled out of the country.
3. Corruption leads to promotion not prison. 
4. Corruption occurs amidst high level of poverty.   

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