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In the era of "Globalisation of Internet", on one hand the people-to-people contact and information access is becoming quite easy, on the other hand it has become vulnerable and pose huge threat to nation's sovereignty. The term cyber sovereignty has been phrased out to draw attention on internet governance within the boundary of a nation to protect it's internal interest. With this, government exercises control over Internet within their own borders, including political, economic, cultural and technological activities.

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With the advent of Internet, the liberty given to it has caused to connect one continent form the other. But at the peak time it has pose many question infront of the policy maker. We have number of such examples of cyber attacked which has been done allegedly, but none of the suspected attackers has took responsibility for it. Example at this point in time is Stuexnet (Suspected combined attack by USA & Israil on Iran's nuclear facility); economic espionage by hacking the private networks of companies etc.
Cyber sovereignty has come as a reaction to the cyber threat. There are a team of hackers which are operating world wide just to accomplish the targeted job. China allegedly have such team which has attacked the UN, USA and India no. of times, although they have refused to accept this allegation.
If the above instances are taken into account, we can conclude that cyber sovereignty is the need of the hour to ensure internal security and strategic interest of the country as it also giving rise to the terrorist activities.

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