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Dream of Digital India

Dream of Digital India

Amidst the rhetoric on digitalising the entire world fabric, Internet giant are taking a leap to introduce their product and services to the last man in the row, developing and LDCs being on the main course of discussion.

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With the world population of approximately 7.2 bn, the internet technology had seems to have reached to a level of saturation, but due to emerging economy it has started taking pace again. With the aim of making India a digital country in many aspects (e.g. e-governance); the scope of these tech-giants seems to be very wide. Their initiative and the impetus provided by the policy maker has made the things roll down on the ground. Some of the breakthrough so far is as follows:-

Infrastructure Sector:
Google is planning its "Rail Wire" project that will equip about 400 railway station with "WI-FI" helping the passengers to enjoy free internet and which can majorly be used to get the train status. 

1. The Internet for all by google
2. "My Business Interface" by Google
3. "Internet.org" by Facebook
There is no doubt that the successful implementation of such project will help government world-wide to deliver the services to commoners very easily and efficiently. But we need to peep into the second aspect also and promote awareness amongst the rural masses for the internet usage. The R&D investment is also a call of this moment to develop our own base line to make India digital.

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