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Sarcasm on Humanity

You are flying man, sitting on the chair and you are most worried about extra leg space...!

Intellectuals say we are the product of evolution. Absolutely correct! But that’s what a natural process. This evolution has not received any contribution from the humanity except human's effort put-in for their own survival. The effort of human survival is the unconscious reason behind what human achieved today and think they are the most important to the existence of this world. From pelting stone as a mean of preying for their survival (the primitive weapon) to the development of ICBM (Inter-continental Ballistic Missiles-deadliest of weapons) human has achieved a big mile stone. But in true sense it has degenerated into writing the history of their own demise.

At the first place, it is very difficult to find the logic behind why human being is fighting to each other, if the process of their coming into the world is same? Neglecting the fact that they have born on the different piece of land.

Moreover, people even living on the same piece of land are living in discontent, as evident in the last few centuries. For the mere fact that one community is inferior than the other or once race is superior than the second. Cooking and manipulating some historical fact for which we are not much sure of. “Teri Kamij meri kamij se Safed kasie?”. (“How can your cloth be more whiter than mine”).

Let us do some data mining on our existence on this “tiny” planet. In the process of this examination let us be clear with the fact that “On the scale of this universe our existence is so minuscule that it is no more than a void”.

In almost all religion, If I consider that as a parameter to evaluate our question of existence, claim that there is some God, who did revelation and send his messenger to spread this knowledge on how to lead a good life peacefully.  But I find it contrary, supporting with the fact that the religion is the major cause of unrest now a day. We are the biggest cheater to our God, as he made something to live in peace but we human being converted that into a weapon to create unrest. We now, are claiming to save him (God) and his legacy. We do not know how to live with each other with tranquility and we are claiming to save the religion. I find it ironical and ridiculous too.

Religion is the opium of masses.

Looking at the humanity today this is very true without an iota of doubt. Religion, in my opinion, is in continuous, endless and deadliest evolution. It will not reach its destiny ever with the current race of humanity. The idea of Human development has proved to be a killing machine to end its race itself. Primitive man had only one basic need-that is survival, had never killed each other. Today, we have risen-up from that basic need with our supreme skill of thinking and abstraction, and we have started killing each other. What an amazing achievement. That’s really not what we had intended for, atleast this outcome was not really expected. Hence it can be said that the idea of development has proven to be a self-killing machine for the humanity itself.

Human Distrust

Had your shadow ever have scared you? Will do and you realize when you enter in the stream of reality. A nascent (newly born) baby comes in the world of matrix, he/she is the pure soul. Though being the part of the primary matrix created by super-natural power (God) yet get influence by the secondary matrix created by us all. This eventually creates distrust for each other. Thus we start doubting each other, even to our shadow. Welcome to the world of reality Mr Human..!

This is some sort of the diagnosis we did by analyzing the world of reality and nature of human being. The prognosis is none, in my opinion. The scale of evolution is so huge that reversing it and restoring to its singularity is way beyond our reach. But ray of hope is still alive in the same primary matrix, as it has still not completely overlapped with the secondary matrix created by Humans. “Our world” runs on the basic principal of Balancing. (Santulan- संतुलन ). As Lord Krinhna says- Jiven to Santulan ka hi dusra naam hai Parth. This precisely is the hope left with us. The contrary force always exists, not just on this earth, in the entire universe as well. Antimatter counters matter, anti-thesis counter thesis and like-wise. Such counter forces have kept this revolving ball of life on its pivot, still moving, stable so far.

Man can never live in tranquility, this is evident and we have seen at many instances. We have practiced a habit of killing each other in the name of caste, sects and religions. If this is so evident, why we give such a huge importance to these things? Religion was made so that populace can live in peace. What is happening is clearly visible.

Here it is necessary to differentiate Religion and Hindu concept of Dharma. Dharma is not equal to religion. In the process of assimilation these two words overlapped with each other. The exact meaning of Dharma is “Duty”, as per your station in life. If one realizes and inculcate with this true essence of religion, the peace can be all pervasive. This can be the first step we can put forth towards saving humanity, if we truly are product of our God. This way we can offer true respect to his revelation, which we have not practiced so far and can save that from further degeneration. Hence our Dharma would be to practice the teaching in a way that it could save earth from being converted into the mound of dead.

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