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Turning Point in the Indian History

Turning Point in the Indian History

When the history changes its course, it possess the power to change the fate of entire not just the planet but the entire universe. Let us understand this pompous looking statement with an example. If we so assume that the Big Bang really happened, what if it would not have happed? I hope this example makes the concept clear in the prima facie.   

Let’s not discuss on such a big scale and focus on a small scale so as to understand it in a better way. This this is the context of Indian history, which changed its course at numerous occasion. We’ll take the instance from the near history to avoid any kind of speculation and understand with best of the facts and figure.

Battle of Tarain

Fought between Prithviraj Chouhan and Mohammad Ghouri in 1193

Hemchandra Vikramadiya and Akabar


Battle of Plassey


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