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Literate Fool who can Earn Money

Literate Fool who can Earn Money 

Though there is some deep background to undertake in order to have an in depth understanding of the title under consideration yet I am sure you will enjoy the process of reading before the final culmination of the title's outcome, which eventually is going to delightful. 

We are living in world where past is glorified unquestionably keeping present at stake.

To generalise, we can state that the traits human being has acquired thus far, is the culmination of the long process of evolution. All our near ancestors who helped us for what we are today, added some or the other elements to our DNA due to which we could became Emperor of this tiny and ferociously revolving ball. Please develop a sense of scariness by inculcating one fact in mind that this revolving ball does not have a base, moving so stable so far, in a precisely balanced and favourable Goldilocks Zone. Fair enough to scare you!

Let's come back to the human traits of today and the process of evolution. Do you remember the scientific name given to our current form of species- well ! it is Homo Sapiens. Here, Sapiens means- Wise man. Earlier stock of our parent species did not had this ability to think, please mind that. But we being wise, I dissent totally, excuse me for that.

A psychologically insecure man cannot be a wise creature. We will figure out why we are psychologically insecure. I will help you learn that- why? And you may have full freedom to disagree. For this you need to learn and understand 'GREED' a trait that developed inside the human nature. This has been a part of the process of evolution. Let's trace that out.

Do you ever have heard about a tiger storing the food for their livelihood and for its generations to come just in order to fulfil the sense of future security. They do not, because they find themselves capable enough to gather the food as and when the instinct of hunger dominates over any other instinct. They find their prey, kill it and quench their hunger. This is the animal part of the story. 

We, human being, at the primitive level, were like the same as above. Wherein survival and subsistence was the challenge and we do not had the word 'SURPLUS' in our dictionary. This came later as part of evolutionary process. We were part and parcel of nature, living in coexistence. We can term that as Naturalised Human, but we decided to create the Humanisation of Nature in the future. And this is where everything went wrong and we converted this beautiful planet into a mound of the garbage, we being part of it- a non habitable, unhygienic place. 

We started dictating the natural law contrary to our earlier position where we were dictated by nature. For this the reason was very simple- our level of technology at that time was very low and the stage of human social development was primitive. We intellectuals call it as 'Environmental Determinism' and thus we were NATURALISED HUMAN. But we were to create HUMANISED NATURE in the due course of time with our dirty needs and aspirations.   

Naturalisation of Human and Humanisation of Nature 

Anything that we get from this physical world (nature) is an eventual outcome of Human and Nature interaction and the related outcome based on the nature of interaction. This would become possible only after Human understanding of Natural law. We, as a human being has a misconception that we create Everything. No, we do not. We just take something from the nature and change its permutation & combination to derive certain things out of this result of the arithmetic. Thats it. 

To this I call, all human being are living false consciousness, of they being proclaimed themselves as the greatest of the creature on this plant. Imagines a situation- would there had been a small/tiny shift in the process of evolution, there would have been somebody else ruling this Earth and we perhaps would have been wandering from one tree to other like an ape, of course with a long Tail. 

: Mritarjun

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