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The Transition from Kashmiriyat to Islamiyat- The Kashmir Question is still unanswered

The answer to the question of Kashmir seems not to find a solution bowed down in the historical graveyard since India got its Independence. History is known for changing its course and discourse over time however, the Kashmir question has changed its flavor entirely as far as the nature of the movement is concerned.  

Kashmir has historically been quite rich in its cultural aspect. Rooted secularism was another beauty that has made this "Heaven on the Earth" a beautiful place to flourish our old-age civilization. KASHMIRIYAT was the identity that people living in this territory had earned during the evolution of culture. 

The Political strife arose due to numerous contenders in the picture (We know only India and Pakistan but behind the curtain many more contenders) sidelining the will of the people which eventually made this Organic land a deadly and contentious piece of a battleground. The claimants are many with some or the other interest involved- unfulfilled, unknown.

KASHMIR is suffering the curse of its geography. Surrounded from all the side hostile nation steering on its Angel beauty and rich adorned resources- minerals, inner wateline, strategic placement in the zig-saw puzzle of the region.  

Picture Courtesy- Britanica


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