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Unparalleled Indian History of absorbing the Foreigners

Unparalleled Indian History of absorbing the Foreigners

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In a peer review, if one look at the early Indian History, Indus Valley Era, Vedic Period, Mahajanpad Period, Mauryan Period and Post-Mauryan Period (considered to be Dark Age till the dawn of Gupta Empire), we could clearly see the extent of assimilation that has occurred in India alongwith wide range of cultures. It has led to social reorganization & restructuring. Numerous tribes entered India through North-Western front lured by its and richness and with the intent of imperialistic expansion.

First of the many foreign tribes were the Greeks who invaded India, when the "Nanda" empire was on its verge of decline. History was writing its own chapter in the rest of the word apart from India. Perhaps the policy of expansionism was not in the priority list, it was to establish the trade relationship. Many evidences have been found in the form of stamps and coins.

Lets be fair enough with Greeks as some good articulated references says about the Greeks that they were very good at Astrology. Th other tribes those who followed them were-Sakas, Parthians and Kushan. The later tribes do not had their well organised script and language, hence they lost their individuality in the India eventually.

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